Will There Be Minecraft 2.0 or Minecraft 1.10? The Answer Is Here


Back in 2013, Mojang team played an April Fool prank in which they released Minecraft 2.0 when people were expecting Minecraft v1.8. The Minecraft v2.0 unusual changes with unique mobs and items. It also had a Super hostile game mode bundled with new features. The prank was so well planned that most of community thought that it’s real but the next day it was revealed that it was a hoax.

Minecraft 1.10 Ragged Skeleton

Now in 2016, we have Minecraft 1.9.4 and technically the next version should be Minecraft 2.0 right? Who knows. The Minecraft development team guys Dinnerbone and Jeb confirmed that future version will be Minecraft 1.10.x or 1.10+ but this doesn’t seem right. Morever, they haven’t released any snapshots for 1.10 so far.

Nether_Block_1.10  New_Block_1.10  Nether_Mobs_1.10  Minecraft_New_Option_1.10

Minecraft 2.0

will certainly be an exclusive update but before that we will probably see v1.9.5, 1.10 and 1.11 surface on the launcher.Minecraft Developer, Jeb (aka Jens Bergensten) has tweeted in the past about upcoming features. He confirmed the arrival of Polar Bears, Whitewalkers mobs, Auto Jump feature and a new Lava Nether block which is in works.

Polar_Bears Minecraft 2.0

I know you guys are skeptical about the upcoming version but don’t worry, there will probably be a confirmation in the next couple of weeks so, be patient.



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