Ecologics Mod (1.20 – 1.19.4) for Beautiful Biomes in Minecraft


Ecologics Mod 1.20 – 1.19.4 is an appearance mod that transforms the existing biomes of default (vanilla) Minecraft. Firstly, it increases the vanilla Minecraft biomes flavor by adding additional mobs, blocks, music, potions, trees and so on. Secondly, the additions are so perfectly blended with the original style that you would not even notice a difference, and at the same time, you’d experience new features that rarely get shipped with snapshots updates.

Currently, this mod supports 5 different biomes:

Beach Biomes:

First of all, coconut trees are added to the beach biome. However, it may fall and sometimes mighty yet small Coconut Crabs may be inside.
Furthermore, coconut slices are edible, can be used as food to remove all negative buffs from the player. Its husk can be used in other recipes as well
Seashells can be found on the beach, and can be used to craft small castles in the sand. Tropical music can be found in buried treasures.

Beach Biome for Ecologics Mod

Desert Biomes:

Camels have been introduced to deserts and can be tamed and ridden by two players simultaneously. They can also be equipped with storage by right-clicking them with a chest. They can be fed dead bushes and cacti and are bred using Prickly Pears. Prickly Pear plants can now be found growing on top of fully-grown cacti. Eating this fruit raw will cause slight damage but can be avoided by cooking it. Desert ruins now contain pots with loot inside, which can hold up to nine items and can only be accessed by breaking them. Pots can also be chiseled for designs and attached to comparators for redstone signals. New desert ruin structures will now appear in the desert.

Desert Biomes for Ecologics Mod

Snowy and Icy Biomes:

Penguins! Yep thats right. The icy creatures start wobbling in huddles, and staying near them grants you health regeneration. Moreover, You can breed Penguins by providing them fish, they will keep their eggs close to them which will later hatch.

Snowy and Icy Biome for Ecologics Mod

Subsequently, Baby penguins will shed feathers as they grow, you can use the features to craft Potion of Sliding, upon consuming it, you can slide like on Ice for fun. Thin ice, frozen lakes are also part of this biome. They can break when you will jump onto it. Lastly, Snow/Ice bricks to build your Igloos.

Plains Biomes:

New Walnut Trees, which drop walnuts, can be edible. Squirrels spawn randomly, you can pet them by feeding walnuts. More features will be added, you can suggest the mod author.

Plains Biomes for Ecologics Mod

The Lush Caves Biome:

Azalea logs and Flowering Azalea logs, which can be crafted into planks and used for decoration.
Similarly, Azalea flowers, which can be obtained from shearing azalea leaves, bushes, or logs.
Moss Carpet that can be stacked, and Surface Moss that can be placed on the sides of blocks for decoration.

Lush Caves Biomes for Ecologics Mod


Ecologics Mod (1.20 – 1.19.4) Download

For Minecraft 1.19.3 (Forge, Fabric)


Release Date: 5th Jan, 23 (Fabric) – 5th Jan, 23 (Forge)
Version 2.1.12 (Fabric) – 2.1.12 (Forge)
File Size: 2.67 MB (Fabric) – 1.73 MB (Forge)
Supported version: Minecraft 1.19.3
Owner: SameDifferent
Author: Zero_DSRS_VX
Contributor: brdbrn,  dopadreaming
Artists: avila27, crispytwig, irishjevil, Drigonis, foquito_azul, BooWhoMusic,
Download (Fabric):  Ecologics Mod (Fabric).jar
Download (Forge):  Ecologics Mod (Forge).jar

For Minecraft 1.18.2 (Forge, Fabric)

Release Date: 13th Dec, 22 (Fabric) – 13th Dec, 23 (Forge)
Version 1.7.11 (Fabric) – 1.7.11 (Forge)
File Size: 1.69 MB (Fabric) – 2.62 MB (Forge)
Supported version: Minecraft 1.18.2
Owner: SameDifferent
Author: Zero_DSRS_VX
Contributor: brdbrn,  dopadreaming
Artists: avila27, crispytwig, irishjevil, Drigonis, foquito_azul, BooWhoMusic,
Download (Fabric):  Ecologics Mod (Fabric).jar
Download (Forge):  Ecologics Mod (Forge).jar

How to Install Ecologics Mod for Fabric API:

Fabric is a Mod Loader as well as a toolchain (Java library) for installing and creating Minecraft mods for Release Versions and Snapshots. It’s an alternative to Forge API, which is still a stepping stone for enhancing gameplay through community-created mods. Fabric API is newer and lightweight compared to Forge, but it’s quickly updated with newer Minecraft versions and its mode base/quantity is increasing gradually. Fabric is also lightweight however it is still lacking behind in terms of compatibility while simultaneously running a different set of mods.

For player:

You can install Mods using Fabric Loader & API which comes with the automatic installer which creates profiles in Minecraft Launcher. Once you run the game once using newly created Launcher profile, then open %appdata%/.Minecraft and drop your favorite mod (.jar extension file) into the mods directory.

For developers:

If you are familiar with Java, there are extensive mod development guides and tools available to simplify the process. For example; Fabric Loom, Yarn, tiny-remapper, and Engima (for deobfuscation of Java bytecode). You can head over to the official wiki for more details.

Note: Fabric and Forge API mods cannot run together and will probably crash your Minecraft. Keep a copy of your save games before you experiment with the mods.

Ecologics Mod for Forge Installation:

  • Keep one thing in your mind that Forge Mods require Minecraft Forge API and Fabric Mod needs Fabric API.
  • If your modification requires Forge and it’s not released for the required version then you can not play that on that version.
  • Generally, the Forge version takes a bit of time to release but it is justified.
  • Since the installation process is fairly simple which will need a few basic steps.
  • First of all, you need to download Minecraft Forge API (Basic API Tool).
  • Secondly, you are advised to create a Minecraft Forge Profile.
  • Moving forward, you are required to download the modification you want to use in Minecraft from above or below.
  • Interestingly, after running the game, the modification will start showing on Forge Profile.
  • Keep in mind, that if the tool is not showing on Forge Profile then try restarting Minecraft.
  • Mostly, restarting Minecraft works 90 out of 100 times and mod start showing.
  • Abracadabra, now the magical beings, and play your favorite mod in Minecraft.

We do not tolerate any kind of misleading of the fans and that’s why we always mention the source as well. We request all the Minecrafters to be patient because the desired version might take a while to release. The modifications will be available right here after the release without any malicious links. Although it’s really hard to keep the check and balance on each and every mod we require some assistance from the community to discourage the distribution of fake content. We hope you will enjoy every bit of playing Minecraft. So have fun and keep coming here to check the fastest updates.



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