Pixel Art Plus Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 Minecraft


Pixel Art Plus mod helps you to develop some creativity in Minecraft world. It also helps in shading the buildings along with the addition of solid colored blocks which will determine the true concept of the color. It eventually guides you to choose better shades in you pixel art. So make progress using this mod and have fun.
The progress of this mod is somehow more than 90% done. The great thing about this mod is that it updates with every version. It is relatively new mod in terms of release so there is a fair chance that you will face some glitches but they will be fixed in the upcoming version. So enjoy playing Pixel Art Plus Mod.

Pixel Art Plus Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 for Minecraft:

For 1.8 (direct) – Pixel+art+plus1.8.zip

For 1.7.10 (Direct) – Pixel+art+plus1.7.10.zip

How to merge Pixel Art Plus Mod:

There are few steps which should be followed according to the protocol.
Please have backup of Minecraft folder before making any changes to it.
Forge API for Minecraft is ususally required to have the latest version or make sure you have it.
So after that download the modification from this post.
Usually you have to locate the .minecraft folder and put the modification file in it.
Put all the downloaded files in the mods folder.
So now you have it. Just initiate the Minecraft and there you go.
Enjoy every joyful ride to play your favorite game with this mod.

We condemn the act of providing fake links to the players who are desperately waiting for the mods. We also require to undo these kinds of links and for that we require some support. The links are from 3rd party hosts and if you find anything fishy in them then please let us know.



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