Redstone added in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition


Redstone added in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Recently Mojang, the official blog of Minecraft surfaced a news related to a colossal features of the game which will create new dimensions all together. It is a massive news for the players to hear that the Redstones are now available in the Win 10 edition of Minecraft and it certainly requires a bit of attention from the fans as well. Right now the response has been overwhelming from the community and its a positive sign.

What is Redstone: 

To have a glimpse of what exactly is Redstone and what are the functionality can be elaborate easily by having a short introduction  about it. Redstone is an exceptional and hidden power in the game which functions same as the electricity in our world. Additionally it helps to operate different machines without creating a hassle.

Redstone Minecraft

Series of Redstone Updates:

This  is an initial step towards the series of updates which are coming in the upcoming days related to Redstone and they will address more complex features into it. Although it still gives you the chance to create intricate devices including powered rollercoasters and automated doors. So as the updates will come out in the future, fans will able to experience more complicated things.

Adding Bunnies:

The update will also carry bunnies.

Adding Desert Temples:

Desert temples works as a watch out for traps.

Adding Wooden Doors:

Wooden doors will be added because fans have a greater liking for it.

Full Update of Windows 10 Edition: 

New Features

  • Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests and Detector Rails. Craft them all!
  • Cute, fluffy, crop-eating, bunnies
  • Desert temples
  • New types of wooden doors

Removed Features

  • Stonecutter (RIP)
  • Herobrine (RIP)


  • Redstone can be used to control doors, trapdoors, TNT and rails
  • Faster boats with improved handling
  • Increased item tooltip visibility time in Windows 10 Edition Beta
  • Stack count labels now use a bigger and more readable font
  • Slimes and Ghasts now actually spawn!
  • Hunger restored by food items now match the PC version
  • Flowers created by using Bone Meal on Grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from Wolves
  • Obsidian now breaks in 6.5 seconds rather than 3
  • Minecarts now stack on top of each other
  • Boats now stack
  • Beetroot soup now stacks
  • Fixed Curved Rail and Redstone behaviour
  • Improved Slime spawning
  • Block lag should be significantly reduced. Everything should feel more responsive now
  • Updated door textures all over the place
  • Even more Ghast and Slime spawning

Bug fixes

  • Mobs no longer suffocate in carpets (because that was kinda cruel)
  • Held items now look better in first-person mode
  • Loads of other bug fixes that are too boring to go into here
  • Whether you’re off to explore the mysteries of the desert or taking your first steps into the wonders of redstone engineering, I hope you have a jolly old time.

It is undoubtedly a fresh breather for the players who were anxiously waiting for the Minecraft 1.9. It will also increase the eagerness in the players to direct more towards the Win 10 edition. Since removal of Herobrine and Stone Cutter which will devastate the community but this damage heal in a while. So have fun playing your favorite game and check the latest updates here.



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