The First Minecraft 1.10 SnapShot is Out


Minecraft 1.10 SnapShot. As promised earlier, the Mojang development team has come up with a new Minecraft 1.10 snapshots. It is a bit late but we have it now. The v1.10 comes with surprising new features, mobs (Yay! we have Polar Bears now) and performance tweaks. The full changelog is not exactly shown but hey, you can download the snapshot and find it by yourself. Moreover, many people are streaming the snapshot gameplay on Twitch and YouTube so don’t forge to check them out!

To get the Snapshots, click “New Profile” on Minecraft launcher and name it after that check “Enable experimental development snapshots” and select Minecraft 16W20A snapshot from the drop-down menu. And click Play. It will automatically download and install the snapshot you have selected. Easy, isn’t it?

Minecraft 1.10 experience through Screenshots: 

The Taiga Village: 

Taiga Village Minecraft 1.10

The Sand Emits Particles: 

Minecraft 1.10 Sand Emit Particles

The No Gravity Command:

No Gravity Feature Minecraft 1.10

Four New Recipes Added:

Four New Recipes Minecraft 1.10


Minecraft 1.10 SnapShot Features: 

Now lets see the changes Mojang has revealed about Minecraft 16W20A:

  • Polar bears in cold biomes, grown ups and cubs
  • Structure blocks for map makers and another new technical block to work with them
  • Technically they are not fossils, but that’s what we call one of the new features
  • New auto-jump feature, can be turned on and off in the game settings
  • Some new blocks in the nether, one of them extremely hot
  • A new hostile enemy in hot and dry areas
  • Some relatively broken uses of relative coordinates are fixes and should work relatively well now
  • Use of absolute coordinates is absolutely identical to how it worked in older versions of Minecraft
  • Endermen started invading another dimension, no idea what they are up to
  • Changed abandoned mineshafts in mesa biomes, there seems to be something shiny inside

Note: This is the initial update and some features might add or subtract in the upcoming updates. Probably it will take few months till the official version come out. So be patient for the official release.

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