Hunger Overhaul Mod for Minecraft


Hunger Overhaul Mod is kind of different from other modifications which provide direct impact on the game. The tool is introduced in order to translate hunger mechanics into different phenomenon. It will eventually convert hunger process into more exciting aspect of the game rather than a boring one. Although it will require some core but it will collaborate with other tools as well.

Similarly it is a new concept in the game but it will raise few eyebrows in terms of playing arena. There has been few configuration options which are introduced and can be accessed through config file. They can also be changed according to your desire. We would also like to hear the point of view about this modification through comment section. Have fun and enjoy playing Minecraft.

Hunger Overhaul Mod Minecraft Download

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Release Date: 26th September, 2016
Version 1.0.0
File Size: 109.75 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.10.2
Author:  progwml6
Download (Direct): 

Download  (Curse):



Hunger Overhaul Mod Installation:

1. Download and install Minecraft Forge according to your game version. Launch Minecraft once using Forge profile to complete the installation process.
2. Download the mod and save it to “%appdata%/.minecraft/mods” folder
3. Now get your desired mod and move to mods folder.
4. Start Minecraft using profile created by Forge and enjoy.
5. Make sure you read the documentation and recipe guides before you begin.

Note: Fans have to keep patients in order to get the latest versions. The developers are working day and night to produce the bug free version and it take a certain time period to do so. Please let us know if you are facing any broken link. The official version will be available online as soon as its release. So keep playing your favorite game and come here to get the latest updates.


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