Superhuman Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 to transform into superman in Minecraft


Superhuman Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 for Minecraft is a gentle modification which adds armors and super human charters in the game. The fun factor which distinguish this mod from others that players can not craft the armor and instead they can be acquired through applying few methods. It looks like a really lengthy process but its relatively more easier to get.

The developmental phase is currently in progress and fans can expect some more great changes to occur in the upcoming versions. It is prominent that we will see the latest version soon so have fun playing Minecraft.

Superhuman Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 for Minecraft:

For 1.7.10 (Direct) – Super-human+v1.+1.7.10.jar

For 1.7.10 (Curse) – Super-human-v1.2-1.7.10.jar

Steps of adding mod

By following these steps you can easily install this without any hurdle.
First you have to include Minecraft Forge API which are available above.
Then Run the Minecraft Launcher and click on the Forge Profile.
Click on the Stat Menu on desktop bar and type %appdata%/.minecraft in the search text box.
Now paste all the files into the mods folders.
By performing all these steps start Minecraft with the Forge Profile.

Super Human Mod 3

Related Details of Project Superhuman Mod:

Welcome to Project Superhuman. This mod adds armor sets for different superheroes. Each character has unique abilities which are admittedly quite fun to play with. None of the suits or items are craftable; instead, as you kill mobs, they will drop points that are collected similar to experience. These points can be used to “purchase” costumes.

In addition to points, mobs will also drop Blind Bags. When right-clicked, the bag is opened and a random armor piece is dropped. This is inspired by collectible card games where early on you will get mostly unique pieces but the more you get the harder it is to find the pieces you actually need. This is intended to promote trading with friends as is the case with CCGs. Additionally, there is a block, the Point Converter, that can consume your extra armor pieces and turn them into points.

To get started with “purchasing” suits you will need the HeroSuits Catalog. It can be found in dungeons, blacksmiths, or strongholds or crafted using a book and an emerald in a shapeless recipe (Add a piece of dirt to this recipe if there is a conflicting recipe). The HeroSuits Catalog has a description of each character. It also serves as the “store” for buying individual costume pieces and weapons as well as blind bags and other goodies. The point converter can also be found in the catalog as well. Please leave feedback and enjoy the mod.

We have really strict policy related to the mods. We try our level best to spread legit content and stop the practice of distributing the fake ones. In that regards we seek some support from the fans as well. If you find something suspicious then please let us know we will take necessary action for it.



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