Spyglass Improvements Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 to Zoom in Minecraft


Spyglass Improvements Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4. Are you searching for a mod that allows you to zoom in Minecraft without compromising the visual quality? Fortunately, you are at the correct place because this mod will provide you with an astonishing zooming ability that can help you to see your enemies from a long range.


Spyglass Improvements 1

Spyglass Improvements 2

Spyglass Improvements 3

In addition to that, there are various zooming screens like full screen, circular screen, and square screen as well. Moreover, this modification is available for both Minecraft Forge and Fabric API.

How to Use Spyglass Improvements Mod:

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out with the Spyglass.
  • Quickly access the Spyglass by pressing the ‘Z’ key.
  • Choose from different overlays to customize the Spyglass view.
  • Hide the crosshair when scoping with the Spyglass.
  • Enable smooth camera movement while scoping with the Spyglass.

Spyglass Improvements Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 Download

For Minecraft 1.19.4 (Forge, Fabric)

Release Date: 19th Mar, 23 (Fabric) – 13th Sep, 23 (Forge)
Version 1.4 (Fabric) – 1.4 (Forge)
File Size: 60.49 KB (Fabric) – 47.31 KB (Forge)
Supported version: Minecraft 1.19.4
Author: Im_JC52
Download (Fabric):  Spyglass Improvements Mod (Fabric).jar
Download (Forge):  Spyglass Improvements Mod (Forge).jar

For Minecraft 1.18.2 (Forge, Fabric)

Release Date: 24th Apr, 23 (Fabric) – 24th Apr, 23 (Forge)
Version 1.2 (Fabric) – 1.2 (Forge)
File Size: 58.32 KB (Fabric) – 45.83 KB (Forge)
Supported version: Minecraft 1.18.2
Author: Im_JC52
Download (Fabric):  Spyglass Improvements Mod (Fabric).jar
Download (Forge):  Spyglass Improvements Mod (Forge).jar

Guide for adding Spyglass Improvements Mod (Fabric)

Fabric is a Mod Loader as well as a toolchain (Java library) for installing and creating Minecraft mods for Release Versions and Snapshots. It’s an alternative to Forge API, which is still a stepping stone for enhancing gameplay through community-created mods. Fabric API is newer and lightweight compared to Forge, but it’s quickly updated with newer Minecraft versions and its mode base/quantity is increasing gradually. Fabric is also lightweight however it is still lacking behind in terms of compatibility while simultaneously running a different set of mods.

For player:

You can install Mods using Fabric Loader & API which comes with the automatic installer which creates profiles in Minecraft Launcher. Once you run the game once using newly created Launcher profile, then open %appdata%/.Minecraft and drop your favorite mod (.jar extension file) into the mods directory.

For developers:

If you are familiar with Java, there are extensive mod development guides and tools available to simplify the process. For example; Fabric Loom, Yarn, tiny-remapper, and Engima (for deobfuscation of Java bytecode). You can head over to the official wiki for more details.

Note: Fabric and Forge API mods cannot run together and will probably crash your Minecraft. Keep a copy of your save games before you experiment with the mods.

Spyglass Improvements Mod Installation (Forge)

  • Keep one thing in your mind that Forge Mods require Minecraft Forge API and Fabric Mod needs Fabric API.
  • If your modification requires Forge and it’s not released for the required version then you can not play that on that version.
  • Generally, the Forge version takes a bit of time to release but it is justified.
  • Since the installation process is fairly simple which will need a few basic steps.
  • First of all, you need to download Minecraft Forge API (Basic API Tool).
  • Secondly, you are advised to create a Minecraft Forge Profile.
  • Moving forward, you are required to download the modification you want to use in Minecraft from above or below.
  • Interestingly, after running the game, the modification will start showing on Forge Profile.
  • Keep in mind, that if the tool is not showing on Forge Profile then try restarting Minecraft.
  • Mostly, restarting Minecraft works 90 out of 100 times and mod start showing.
  • Abracadabra, now the magical beings, and play your favorite mod in Minecraft.

Our motto is to deal with the safe and secure content which is relatively 100 percent tested as well. Along with that, we do not encourage broken or fake links. You can have the latest version of Mod online after its release. In case of finding your desired version, then there is a possibility that the version is not released yet. Be patient and keep playing Minecraft and come here for the latest updates of your favorite game.



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