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Minecraft is getting yet another massive launch since its 1.8 release. This update will unite all the Minecrft community on Windows platform. Players from consoles edition, pocket edition will be able to play together without any platform barriers. All these features will be shipped with Microsoft Windows 10 which is set to be released this July 29.

Those who own Minecraft previously can enjoy this release for free but those who don’t can purchase Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (Beta) for merely $10 USD. During the beta phase, new content will be constantly added, you may experience some weird glitches or incompatibilities in the start may be that is why it is priced lower than the JAVA version which is available on PC and Mac.

The community was overwhelmed by this update as many of us were anticipating a Minecraft 1.9 related update. But good news is, we have got a glimpse of upcoming Minecraft 1.9 in Minecon 2015. Some exciting new features are coming soon.

How to install Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta:

This guide assumes that you previous own Minecraft on PC.

Minecraft Mojang Account

Minecraft Windows 10
Entering Mojang Account to redeem Minecraft

1. Login your Minecraft account at Mojang: https://account.mojang.com/

2. Click “Redeem” button on your account

Accounts Mojang
Claiming free copy of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

3. You will get a options to get to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Click “Claim your Copy“. It will ask you to connect to your Microsoft account.

4. Once you link your Mojang ID to Microsoft account, you will be able to get a copy of Minecraft on Windows 10 store for free.

Note: If you don’t get option to redeem your copy. Wait couple of days.

If you don’t previously own Minecraft:

Open Xbox Live Games or Store on your Windows 10 from Start Menu.
Login with your Microsoft account and purchase a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10.


Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (Microsoft)

The Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is just the beginning of new era of changes that are about to happen to the game. Since Micorosft and Mojang tied their knots together, they will come up with better and optimized version of our beloved game.

The re-launch of Minecraft under Windows 10 umbrella can be considered as a marketing gimmick as it is not bringing new content aside from cross-platform compatibility.

Modding community especially developers are not amused by the current events as they fear this change of events will abolish all the features they have added to the game throughout the years. This is a known fact that Vanilla Minecraft is only played to some extent, many of us prefer to play with community made mods and resource packs that adds eye candy and never ending fun.

We urge Mojang to focus its development focus to the Java (PC/Mac) version and put Minecraft v1.9 on it, because it was the only reason it sold 20 million copies globally. The sudden change of platform (from Java to C++) can put a negative impact on the player base.  The Minecraft Windows 10 Edition can be termed as downgrade because it is just a remake of Minecraft Pocket Edition which has less features if we compare to the the PC release.

Not only the Windows 10 Edition will segregate the player base but it may cause some players to leave Minecraft completely. Change is good when it happens gradually, step by step.



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