Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.0 APK Download [Redstone Update]


Mojang sends out New Year presents early and releases the most electrifying and exciting update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The v0.13.0 brings long awaited REDSTONE which is considered the energy (soul) block in Minecraft world. Other than that, many new Redstone accessories such as buttons, pressure plates, rails are also added. The Minecraft PE has just got more interesting  with this update. You can now create complex automated structures and be an engineer on your own. You must read full change log of this update before you begin playing.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

PS: The same update is released for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition as well.

How do I get Redstone Update on my phone?:

Answer: It is very easy, if you already own MCPE on your smartphone, just open AppStore (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android) and update the current app. The app is around 20 megabytes and will take not more than a minute.

I don’t have Minecraft Pocket Edition, what do I do? 

Answer: You will need to purchase Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.0 .APK and .IPA from Google Play or AppStore. After purchasing it will automatically install it on your phone and you will receive future updates for free.  Click links below for more information

Minecraft PE 0.13.0 Changelogs:

New Features

  • Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests and Detector Rails. Craft them all!
  • Cute, fluffy, crop-eating, bunnies
  • Desert temples
  • New types of wooden doors

Removed Features

  • Stonecutter (RIP)
  • Herobrine (RIP)


  • Redstone can be used to control doors, trapdoors, TNT and rails
  • Faster boats with improved handling
  • Increased item tooltip visibility time in Windows 10 Edition Beta
  • Stack count labels now use a bigger and more readable font
  • Slimes and Ghasts now actually spawn!
  • Hunger restored by food items now match the PC version
  • Flowers created by using Bone Meal on Grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from Wolves
  • Obsidian now breaks in 6.5 seconds rather than 3
  • Minecarts now stack on top of each other
  • Boats now stack
  • Beetroot soup now stacks
  • Fixed Curved Rail and Redstone behaviour
  • Improved Slime spawning
  • Block lag should be significantly reduced. Everything should feel more responsive now
  • Updated door textures all over the place
  • Even more Ghast and Slime spawning

Bug fixes

  • Mobs no longer suffocate in carpets (because that was kinda cruel)
  • Held items now look better in first-person mode
  • Loads of other bug fixes that are too boring to go into here




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