Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.3 APK Download [Release]


Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.3 APK Download also known as MCPE: 0.12.3 has been unleashed. The newly released edition is powerfully focused towards the fixes along some extra ordinary new features which were mostly awaited from the fans. The tool is a smaller version of the game and it has the ability to run on the smartphones and tablets with taking a quite a bit of memory.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1

The new version is inclined towards the animation fixes and some more inventory options are widen as well. There has been some mining issues which are addressed quite significantly. The MCPE has unleashed their pack on 23rd October 2015 with APK download on the play store. You can have the full changelogs here:

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.3 APK Download:

For 0.12.3 – Minecraft+Pocket+Edition+0.12.3+APK  (23rd October 2015)


  •  Tooltip position was incorrect and visibility time was too short
  • Sneaking (Crouching) animation is now visible from First Person View
  • Fixed so controller doesn’t lose its functionality on the death screen
  • Prevented Mojang logo from appearing sideways on iPhone 6+
  • Stopped so mining strength doesn’t passively grow, allowing one-hit breaks
  • Item from 1st slot of hotbar got duplicated when placed on different hotbar slot from inventory
  • Fixed so saving doesn’t corrupt Monster Rooms
  • Controller tooltip (“[X] Tab”) doesn’t overlap in the hotbar in Inventory Menu
  • Player couldn’t use controller’s D-pad to navigate through Inventory Menu

Note: We do not provide any download links of pocket edition version. The article is just to create the awareness towards the latest updates of MCPE. The above mentioned source is from the official Pocket edition version which is available on google play store.



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