Colorful Armor Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9 For Minecraft Download


Colorful Armor Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4 is a custom tool which provides enormous possibilities to glorify your Minecraft. It permits player to alter the color of his armor and make it beautiful and attractive. It also demands greater level of creativity from the players because there are huge options and sometimes its really difficult to choose between them. The armors which can be modified are Chain, Iron, Gold, Diamond and much more.

Colorful Armor Mod 2

Along with the colors there are some customization options are available as well. Some recipes are also provided in order to provide a complete guiding system for the players. Similarly sponges are also crafable and used to clean the dyes from the armor. So enjoy playing this tool and make your armor colorful in the game. If you are finding it difficult then there are some images which will give you clear idea about this tool. Enjoy playing Colorful Armor Mod.

Colorful Armor Mod For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9

Minecraft 1.10.2 – Be Patient. Available after release.

For Minecraft 1.8

Release Date: 16th May, 2016
Version 2.9
File Size: 600.07 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.7.10
Author: Torquebolt
Download (Direct):

Download (Curse):



Colorful Armor Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9 Download

  1. Follow these steps to add this mod into your Minecraft.
  2. Always keep the backup of Minecraft files.
  3. Download the latest version or required version of Forge API.
  4. Now grab the modification file from Minecraftyard.
  5. Go into Minecraft folder and open mods folder.
  6. Place the downloaded file into mods folder.
  7. Now launch Minecraft and have a thriller.

Colorful Armor Mod 1

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