Avaritia Mod Minecraft 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 Download


Avaritia Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 for Minecraft. Firstly the mod is available on the previous versions but now it is adapted by a new developer. Secondly the development for the current version is started and now you will see more and more updates. Avaritia Mod is a extremely amazing modification which covers different areas of the Minecraft. In addition to that it provides a lot of options to the players and brings ease towards the gameplay.


Furthermore the development will continue according the routine process. But there is a slight chance that you might face some bugs. We will also like to mention that it is avaritia 1.1x which is been released by a new developer. So have fun using this tool and let us know what you think.

Avaritia Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 Minecraft Download

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Release Date: 16th January, 2019
File Size: 949.79 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.12.2
Author: Morpheus1101
Download (Direct):  Avar-itia-Mod.jar

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Release Date: 10th March, 2017
Version 3.0.2
File Size: 127.46 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.11.2
Author: Morpheus1101
Download (Direct):  Avar-itia-Mod.jar

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Release Date: 26th May, 2017
File Size: 932.12 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.10.2
Author: Morpheus1101
Download (Direct):  Avar-itia-Mod.jar

Avaritia Mod Install Guide

  • Start the version of Minecraft that you’re going to install the mod for at least once.
  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Download and run the recommended installer for the needed Minecraft version. This should create a new “forge” profile in your
  • Minecraft client if this is first time using Forge. To change which Forge version to you’ll have to edit the “forge” profile.
  • Start Minecraft with the “forge” profile at least once.
  • Now click the download button below, choose a version of the mod and download it. Wait 5 seconds and click “skip ad” in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Go to “C:/Users/YOUR USER/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods” or to an equivalent on other OS’ and put the jar file you’ve just downloaded there.
  • Start your minecraft client and log in using the “forge” profile.
  • Enjoy playing Minecraft with this modification and keep coming here.

Avaritia 1

Avaritia 2

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