Autumnity Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 for more biome in Minecraft


Autumnity Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4. Are you searching for a custom biome that can bring an autumn season in Minecraft? Then, believe me, you are in the right place because this mod provides outstanding and breathtaking scenery in the game. Additionally, the texture quality will mesmerize the players and if it is used with shaders then it will provide a mind-blowing effect.

Features and Changelogs:

  •  Added an icon for the extension effect
  •  Tweaked snail hiding behavior
  •  Updated snail, snail shell piece and snail shell chest plate textures
  •  Fixed snails having 20 armor points when not hiding in their shells
  •  Fixed snail spawn eggs sometimes being white

Autumnity Mod 1
Autumnity Mod 2

Autumnity Mod 3

Autumnity Mod 4

Furthermore, there are few new features such as a wood type and a new creature. Similarly, that animal is snail but looks a bit odd so you have to find it out yourself. Moreover, the screenshots are available in the post to examine yourself to decide whether you want to include it or not. So have an amazing time in Minecraft and keep coming here.

Autumnity Mod 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 Download

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Release Date: 5th January 2021
Version  2.0.1
File Size: 895.24 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.16.5
Author: Markus1002
Download (Direct):  Autumnity Mod 1.16.5.jar

For Minecraft 1.15.2

Release Date: 24th May 2020
Version  1.3.1
File Size: 347.77 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.15.2
Author: Markus1002
Download (Direct):  AutumnityMod.jar

For Minecraft 1.14.4

Release Date: 1st March 2020
Version  1.0.0
File Size: 275.28 KB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.15.2
Author: Markus1002
Download (Direct):  AutumnityMod.jar

How to merge Autumnity mod

  • There are a few steps that should be followed according to the protocol.
  • Please have a backup of the Minecraft folder before making any changes to it.
  • Forge API for Minecraft is usually required to have the latest version or make sure you have it.
  • So after that download the modification from this post.
  • Usually, you have to locate the .minecraft folder and put the modification file in it.
  • Put all the downloaded files in the mods folder.
  • So now you have it. Just initiate the Minecraft and there you go.
  • Enjoy every joyful ride to play your favorite game with this mod.

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