Serinity HD Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4 for Minecraft


Serinity HD Resource Pack is one of the modern age pack which has all the ingredients to become of the best in the business. The color contrast, brightness and the sharpness of the textures are seriously taken care in this pack.

Serinity HD Resource MainAs we can surely say that the pack is 90 percent complete and the rest of the items will complete in next few days. Previously it has been criticized of not completing in time but this time fans can really enjoy this one with all the latest features and error free gaming.

Serinity Resource Pack 2

It has brought phenomenal efforts in it. This pack is basically HD 64×64 texture in quality.It has by rapidly growing in terms of its popularity. The doors, building blocks, grass, squids and libraries are worth watching in this pack.

Serinity HD 1.11.2/1.10.2 Resource Pack for Minecraft:

For Minecraft 1.10 and 1.9.x –

For Minecraft

Last Updated on 6th June, 2016

Serinity HD Resource Pack 3 Serinity HD Resource pack 4 Serinity Resource Pack 2 Serinity Resource Pack HD 1

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