Must Have Mods in 2020 – Popular Mods for Minecraft

We have made a list of popular mods which are released just before on within the year 2020. These mods belong from various genre so there is less chance that they target one particular area. Furthermore, these are either popular or getting popular among community.

Must have mods 2020

In addition to that these tools are relatively new so there is a significant chance that you will face difficulty for finding downloads for every released version. Moreover, there has been quite extensive research which went underway to find these modifications. But if you have any recommendations then we will take them into consideration. There is a fair chance that those mods will end up in this list.

Macaw’s Furniture Mod:

Simply Backpack Mod:

Rats Mod:

Dank Storage Mod:

Extended Lights Mod:


Packed Up Mod:

Archer’s Paradox Mod:

Macaw’s Windows Mod

Potions Master Mod:

Large Ore Deposits

Ma Enchants Mod

Mining Gadgets Mod

Botany Pots Mod

Overloaded Armor Bar

Friendly Endermite Mod

Gardening Tools Mod

Backpacked Mod

Speedy Ladders Mod

Torch Slabs Mod

Ropes Mod

Buzzier Bees Mod

We hope that you will downloads these mods and give fair credit to the developers who work extremely hard to develop these astonishing tools. In spite of all these, we do not provide any suspicious or third party download links. Have fun playing Minecraft and let us know about these mods.